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Heartland Agri-Vent Ltd. is a Canadian ventilation and plastics manufacturer specializing in the agriculture industry. Our molding business started in 1999, which has given us many years' experience and knowledge in these specific industries. Heartland Agri-Vent Ltd. is for your ventiliation system and mold making needs.

Our goal is giving our customers the highest quality and workmanship possible in all areas required. All parts are made in house, for faster service to our valued clients. Our machines that we use in house are; an 1000 ton Engel, 750 ton Engel and a 250 ton Engel injection molding. We also have a 3 arm Cassia Rotational Molding and a 2 – 72"x160" Rock and Roll Rotational Molding Machine.

Heartland Agri-Vent Ltd.
66078 Briercliff Road
Cooks Creek, Manitoba, Canada, R5M 0A3

Email: nathan@heartlandagrivent.ca

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